Barnardo's Improving ROI and Processes with EPoS - Cybertill

Aug 3, 2018
Charity Retail


Welcome to Barnardo's, a renowned charity organization dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and young people in the UK. In our pursuit of improving our Return on Investment (ROI) and streamlining our processes, we have partnered with Cybertill, a leading provider of Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) solutions. In this article, we will explore how our collaboration with Cybertill has enabled us to optimize our operations and generate significant impact.

Enhancing ROI with Cybertill's EPoS System

Unlocking the full potential of our retail operations has always been a priority for Barnardo's. Through the implementation of Cybertill's EPoS system, we have been able to streamline our inventory management, sales tracking, and overall business efficiency. The robust EPoS features offered by Cybertill have been instrumental in improving our ROI by:

  • Automating Inventory Management: Cybertill's EPoS system allows us to seamlessly track our stock levels, ensuring that our stores are always well-stocked with the right products. This eliminates the risk of overstocking or understocking, allowing us to make data-driven decisions and optimize our inventory investments.
  • Streamlining Sales Processes: With Cybertill's EPoS, our sales processes have become smoother than ever before. The system provides real-time sales data, enabling us to analyze customer behavior, identify trends, and make informed decisions to boost revenue. The integration of secure payment gateways has also enhanced the checkout experience for our customers.
  • Improved Staff Productivity: Cybertill's EPoS system offers an intuitive user interface, making it easy for our staff to process transactions, manage customer information, and generate reports. This has significantly reduced training time and improved overall staff productivity, allowing us to focus on our core mission of supporting children in need.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Through Cybertill's EPoS, we are able to gain valuable insights into our customers' preferences and behaviors. This helps us tailor our marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and personalized offers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Optimized Fundraising Efforts: Barnardo's heavily relies on donations and fundraising initiatives to support our cause. Cybertill's EPoS system has empowered us to maximize our fundraising efforts by efficiently managing events, tracking donations, and maintaining accurate donor records. This ensures transparency and builds trust with our supporters.

Process Optimization and Efficiency

At Barnardo's, we understand the significance of streamlined processes in achieving our goals effectively. By employing Cybertill's EPoS system, we have experienced substantial improvements in various areas:

  1. Inventory Operations: With real-time visibility into our inventory, we have been able to optimize our supply chain and reduce wastage. Inventory forecasting capabilities provided by Cybertill's EPoS system have revolutionized our stock replenishment process, ensuring we always have the right products available for our customers.
  2. Reporting and Analytics: Cybertill's EPoS system offers powerful reporting tools that allow us to gain deep insights into our operations. We can track store performance, monitor sales trends, and identify opportunities for growth. This data-driven approach aids in making well-informed decisions and aligning our strategies for maximum impact.
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Building strong relationships with our supporters is crucial to Barnardo's. Cybertill's EPoS system enables effective management of our CRM database, empowering us to engage with donors, acknowledge their contributions, and foster long-term connections.
  4. Data Security: With the increasing importance of data security, Cybertill's EPoS system ensures the safety and confidentiality of our customer and donor information. We can trust in the robust security measures implemented by Cybertill, mitigating the risk of data breaches and enhancing overall trust in our organization.
  5. Multi-channel Integration: To meet the evolving expectations of our supporters, we have expanded our presence across multiple channels, both online and offline. Cybertill's EPoS system seamlessly integrates these channels, providing a unified view of customer interactions and facilitating a cohesive experience.

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